November 02, 2017


This hashtag started a couple of years ago.  It just encompasses how I feel about our customers, staff and everyone who has supported this little dream of mine over the last (almost) 9 years.  It has become a family of sorts.  We love keeping up with what's going on with everyone:  who's getting married, getting accepted to college, headed on vacation, getting ready to host a party, retiring, and every other little thing that fills your days.  

About three weeks ago, our family grew.  Meet Mason, a Greenwood girl with a shoe dream (sound familiar?...well, I'm from Abbeville, but #details).  After months of planning, praying, ordering, re-working, dealing with construction and so many late nights, a dream has become a reality.  Blossom Greenville is alive and well and...thriving!  Apparently, Greenville girls are shoe girls too!  We knew it all along, but have been overwhelmed with the outpouring of support in our new town.  Our circle is growing wider.  We are thrilled.  We can't wait to meet everyone and get to know everyone and shoe obsess together for years to come.  Take a look at this great article about the new shop as seen in Upstate Business Journal. 

But what's to come of my oldest baby, Blossom Greenwood?  She's gonna turn 9 in March and we're gonna party.  And then we're gonna keep on rocking.  Because #blossomgirlsarethebestgirls everywhere.  

Cheers friends!